Monday, November 28, 2011

10 years ago today…


10 years ago today, my eldest son was born.

He has spent his life enjoying the outdoors, joining me on bushcraft courses, wildcamps, hikes, climbs, MTB rides, Wainwright bagging and a multitude of other random (and sometimes harebrained) outdoor experiences.

A couple of weeks ago, he became a Sixer in his Cub pack. I was delighted as the Scouts shaped my enjoyment of the outdoors. I hope he sticks with it as he gets older.

Over the past 10 years he has developed into a smart, articulate and very confident young fella – he makes me proud every single day of my life. His two younger brothers (aged 3 and 5) are another story altogether ;)

Happy Birthday Aaron, you are a fab son, adventure companion and friend.

Dad x


surfnslide said...

Hi Chris
Just discovered your blog. Lovely post dedicated to your son. Must be a great sense of pride to see him following in your footsteps. My own son is 12 and he's starting to appreciate the outdoors, he's done his first "proper" mountain Cadair Idris (up on my blog - link below) and I hope he'll start to follow some of my more lunatic pastimes.

Best wishes to Aaron on his 10th. I've added your site to my blog-roll and RSS feeds



The Camping Trail said...

Your son will grow up to be just like his dad. Hope you’ll be proud to call him son and will always look up to you as the years go by. Cheers and off to the next mountain to conquer.